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PsychoTherapy Addiction At Phoenix Rising

Psychotherapy addiction allows clients to work on various issues in their personalities. It is a type of talk therapy and allows you to work on various problems. A trained counselor provides you therapy either individually or in a group. The people who conduct these therapies at Phoenix Rising are psychiatrists, psychologists, and addiction specialists. The sessions are mostly between 30 to 50 minutes. In this, you are offered more than one type of therapy and it is up to you which one you choose for yourself.

How Does Psychotherapy Works For Addicts?

This therapy requires your active engagement. You need to trust your therapist for this treatment to work. You need to be very honest about your feelings to the therapist for this therapy to work. It requires you to talk about your feelings. Also, you need to practice your assignments to get better results. You can also continue to talk to your therapist even after the rehab ends if you want their help.

Your therapist at Phoenix Rising will make sure to keep your details confidential as this is the basic rule of psychotherapy. This will help you to honestly speak about your feelings to them and draw out conclusions. Your trust and relationship with the therapist will help in speedy recovery.

Does Psychotherapy Work In Real?

About 75% of the people who take this therapy have benefitted from it. It helps to improve emotions and behavior and brings about positive changes in the mind and the body. Numerous studies have found out that the brain changes after this therapy. People learn to be more open about their feelings and not suppress them.

Types Of Psychotherapy

There are various types of psychotherapy:

Interpersonal Therapy: It is a short term treatment. It helps people understand various interpersonal issues like unresolved grief, conflicts with others, and many more things. It teaches people healthy ways to express themselves and improve their communication with others.

Psychodynamic Therapy: This therapy helps people to work on self-awareness and let go of childhood traumas that affect their day to day life. It helps to change their old patterns and allows them to take full charge of their lives. 

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